InDel Marker Miner

Authors: Xinyi Shi


  • The software at present through the Samtools, GATK, Varscan, SOAPIndel and Pindel five software detection results of the depth of mining, can effectively improve the recovery rate of InDel molecular marker detection, the correct rate and F value.
2016-07-13 00:35:43
InDel detection software,genomic

Soybean QTL database

Authors:Jing Peng, Xinyi Shi ,Yiming Sun, Dongye Li, Baohui Liu, Fanjiang Kong and Xiaohui Yuan


  • We applied our method on a soybean QTL database curation, from which 2278 records were extracted from 228 papers with a precision rate of 96.9% and a recall rate of 83.3%. F value for the method is 89.6%.
2016-11-10 03:03:10
Soybean, QTL

Bar Graph Miner

Authors:Ying He


  • The experimental results such as PCR and phenotypic data analysis in biomedical literatures was usually depicted by images. Along with the development of text mining technology, a large number of studies had focused on the extraction of quantitative data and no longer limited to text contents. The automatic location and obtaining of the image data become an important approach to efficiently understand and reorganize knowledge.
2017-07-05 16:25:21
bar graph mining